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  • Andrea Bogoni

Ciao Marcello

13 March 2024, I find myself celebrating my birthday while enjoying the pleasant evening with my family. I can't wish for anything better, and yet something feels wrong.

Marcello Gandini was not only one of the greatest car designers of all time, from his pencil came the world's first supercar, the Lamborghini Miura, and a long series of legendary vehicles that have ploughed the streets of the collective imagination. His brilliant mind was matched by an equally humble soul.

Thank you Marcello! We will miss you.

Ruoteclassiche - Interview by Giosuè Boetto Cohen - Video and editing by Alessandro Bianchi

Lamborghini Miura (1969)

Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Quattrovalvole (1988)

Lancia Stratos (1974)



- Original copy: I wrote this article without AI support, for the sheer pleasure of doing it myself.

- Photo Lamborghini Miura:

- Photo Lamborghini Countach: DW BURNETT

- Photo Lancia Stratos:


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